Save the Monarchs by Rachel Kantzes

My name is Rachel Kantzes I am a senior at Washburn High School in Southwest Minneapolis. I am in troop 10419. I am working on my Gold Award which is about planting milkweed for Monarch butterflies.  See my project at

Milkweed is the only plant that Monarchs lay their eggs on and the only food source for the caterpillars. Recently lands that contain wild milkweed have been taken over due to farming or other reasons. This has decreased the Monarchs population as well. I have organized the planting of milkweed gardens around my community and got 20 neighbors to plant milkweed seeds in their gardens to help the Monarchs. The seeds are very easy to plant and anyone can help save the Monarch butterflies. To get seeds and more information you can visit this website: Also, if you have any questions about my Gold Award you can email me at:

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