(Sep 16, 2017) Home Alone

Girls 8+ are invited to take a Home Alone Class ($25).  Click here to register.  

Is your girl ready to stay home alone but you aren’t? Feel more comfortable after a Home Alone course.

Girls 8+ are invited to take a Home Alone Class ($25) on September 16th. This is a 2 hour course runs from 1:00 – 3:00 pm and is taught by Missy Tousignant, RN, Public Health Nurse, Licensed School Nurse and Certified CPR instructor.

Whether it is a few minutes to a couple of hours or all day…Come learn information that will make you comfortable & safe when you are home alone. Learn about…contact lists, first-aid and emergencies, household safety, healthy snacks, boredom busters and much more!

Juniors – this can help you with Step 5 of your Independence badge!

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